Monte Grappa, The Piave, Montello, Vittorio Veneto – places steeped in memories going back to the First World War, from the Caporetto route and to the resistance on the Piave – a river which has been sacred to the country ever since – up to the final victory of Vittorio Veneto.

The hills provide the chance to get glimpses of trenches, military shrines and museums that recall the sacrifice of many soldiers, Italian, Austrian, French, German, American. . . and boys of ’99 who were sent to the front many of them not yet eighteen.

The road from Grappa in Falzè di Piave via Valle dei Morti in Giavera del Montello and Nervesa della Battaglia to Vittorio Veneto amounts to a tour-pilgrimage that recalls the enormous tragedy of that war, and all wars.