Only 20 km from Treviso, Castelfranco Veneto is the birthplace of the great painter Giorgione.

Its brick walls are 930 meters long and 17 meters high and have 6 towers still standing today, including the clock tower.

San Liberale church can be found within the city walls, with its famous Giorgione altarpiece (Madonna and Child enthroned with Saints Francis and Nicasio).


Fifteen km from Castelfranco Veneto towards Vicenza is Cittadella with its thin but tall brick and cobblestone city walls with Guelph battlements.

Stretching for 1461 meters, with a height that ranges between 12-14 meters and with four gates at the cardinal points, Cittadella is a classic medieval walled city.


The city’s walls are worth the trip alone: 2 km of brick and cobblestone make it an exceptional example of a fortified complex, as well as the best preserved in the world. Square-shaped, the walls are punctuated by 17-19 meter high towers and 4 magnificent gates.
Upon first sight, the visitor is able to sense medieval atmosphere which continues beyond the city’s gates.