Some of Palladio’s most beautiful Venetian villas can be found in this area:

Villa Barbaro, now known as Villa Volpi is located in Maser.

Its construction (1557) is a perfect example of the great architects vision of the ideal villa.
The villa, which runs the length of a hillside with a central façade made up of four large Ionic columns and two wings made up of a series of ‘portici’, is simply extraordinary.

One can find Veronese frescoes within the villa.

There is also a fascinating “Carriage Museum” adjacent to the villa.

In the centre of the flourishing agricultural hamlet of FANZOLO, situated in Vedelago, one finds Palladio’s Villa Emo (1550-1560). This square shaped villa has a classic portico, and is flanked by two rows of cottages for agricultural use; in fact it is here that corn cultivation was first introduced to the Veneto.

Due to its numerous villas designed by a variety of architects at times tucked away in beautiful natural parks or openly displaying their grand splendor, the TERRAGLIO road, connecting Treviso with Mestre and Venice, is another route that is not to be missed.

Once, the Terraglio was a river and the Venetian noblemen built their sumptuous country houses and resorts on its banks.

Villa Albrizzi Franchetti in San Trovaso with its beautiful park is also a must see.

Villa Lattes in ISTRANA houses a valuable collection of antique furniture: the still-functioning collection of clocks and chimes from various eras is not to be missed.