Carducci called it “the city of a hundred horizons”. In the eyes of the visitor from the lowlands, Asolo presents a gently charming hilly landscape, dotted with cypress and olive trees stretching all the way to the Rocca at the top of Monte Ricco.

In spring and summer Asolo is a riot of flowers and colours, which is toned down as autumn arrives making it one of the most popular destinations in the region and beyond.

Its subdued charm has inspired poets and artists through the ages.

In 1489 Her Lordship Caterina Cornaro, Queen of Cyprus, came here and stayed until her death. Pietro Bembo wrote ”Gli Asolani” and Robert Browning “Asolando”.

The illustrious names who have fallen in love with this fascinating place include: A. da Negri, De Pisis, Lorenzo Lotto, Giorgione, Eleonora Duse – who was also buried there – Stravinsky and Malipiero.
Cultural and artistic events (Theatre, Music, Cinema…) take place throughout the year in this charming village.